Morning/afternoon/evening all

Below is a video of my Anthrax tribute band STD (Spreading the disease) performing Indians last night

It was my first gig with these guys (stage left), but they played 1 show about 2.5 years ago

It isn't perfect, but it was hella fun, had a f*ckin blast hooning this shit (excuse the rhythm guitarists falsetto haha)

C4C, chur!


And here is our Facebook page

I assume that the audio is straight pre-mixerboard? The only complaint would be the overall vocal performance haha :P Hilarious backing falsetto ! But I'm pretty sure that you killed it live! The rythm section was tight and the guitars sounded great aswell!
I love Anthrax and it's a shame that there are no Anthrax tribute bands here in Stockholm.

Did you guys do Madhouse aswell?
Cheers man!

Yeah I think it is eh, I'm not entirely sure but the quality is fairly decent

Haha yeah its just fun for all of us, he's actually a drummer who's been around the local metal/rock scene for years, he used to be in a rap group some 15 years ago when he was in highschool, if we ever decide to do I'm the man, or Bring the noise, it'll be right up his alley

Yeah here in New Zealand its all Metallica/Pantera/Megadeth/Slayer tributes. Its good to have something fresh AND awesome on the tribute band scene

Here's Madhouse man. Cheers!