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Hello folks.

I've made a free little web app which helps people master their guitar scales.

I'm looking for guitar players to help test it out.

* Do you think you'd make use of it?
* Does it work in your browser? Phone? Tablet?
* Would you like to see some other scales added? If so, which ones?


The web app:
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Reported, advertising ain't allowed on here.
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It's not a commerical website. It's free. I've made it to help people learn the guitar. Is that not what people on here want?
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creating threads to advertise things is against the rules, always has been.

I'll add that seeing as it doesn't appear to be a monetised site I'm happy for you to have the link in your sig, however seeing as your only contributions to the forum have been to advertise the site I doubt anyone would ever see it...
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