Forgive the big ad lol but here it goes:

Okay, so instead of posting a million more CL ads in various areas I figured I'd just try here.

To make a long story as short as I can, I'm a singer/software drum programmer looking for a guitarist and/or a bassist to record an all original EP with me.

The overall theme of the EP is "post-apocalyptic"/"post nuclear-warfare". The actual style is a mix of thrash, straight metal, rock and a tad bit of experimental. Overall I guess I'd just classify it as metal, maybe a kind of prog, but there is some involvement of synths heavily on some of the songs. I have 5 cohesive song ideas, 3 of which are almost 100% done regarding vocals and/or drums.

I live in FL but have gotten tired of putting up with bands and all the bs that tends to come with them, like potheads that smoke constantly at practice, people bringing their little a-hole girlfriends and boyfriends around for constant attention and all these other distractions that tend to make them implode. That's why I would rather just do another online project with some cool motivated people. I've had success with it before.

I'm male, mid 20's if that matters.

I'm running Logic Express 9 on an 07 Macbook Pro and have a ton of software drum kits, synths, samples, plugins etc. Been working with DAW's/drum programming for several years, singing much longer than that and writing lyrics much MUCH longer than that.

I've already finished my own EP of 5 songs a while back (pop rock/hard rock) and have a bunch of other half finished songs (drum, vocal and synth) of various genres sitting around. One of which is this nuclear thing.

I would ask a few things of whoever is interested:

1. Please have been playing for at least a few years and have a basic knowledge of music theory regarding guit/bass.

2. Please be able to record and send files via email and/or some kind of cloud storage (like Mediafire)

3. If you are a very religious individual please do not respond. No fundamentalist Christians or fundamentalist Muslims, all other religions or lack thereof ok.

Not trying to hit everyone with an essay but I figured I'd just weed out whoever isn't down so that we wouldn't waste each other's time. Other than that I don't care about your age (as long as you aren't like 13 lol), your location, your race, your sex, gender, sexual orientation, political beliefs or whatever else.

For a sample of one of the things I'm going for on this EP check here:

Go To SoundCloud

And type in "RevilerNuc" into the search terms. The link I tried to post here was "forbidden" or just pm me and I'll send.

I just did a quick run through with my vocals, software drums and a former guitar guy's playing.

If interested either pm me, put your email in the thread or email me at Yahoo.

That's: RevilerZombie On Yhoo

Thanks everybody. Hope to hear from someone.

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I'm a midi, mp3 sequencer, studio guitar, I could help you and record your EP, for a price of course, if interested, send me a PM.