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I don't know if this "technique" has a special name but I don't get it, how is this guy making his guitar sounding so 'screeching'. Actually I can't even find a word for that sound.

Please look it up here:

The part I mean is starting at 2:47 lasting until 2:50. Shortly after that he's doing it again in the very same solo.

I tried it on my guitar but I can't produce that sound. I tried with using a lot of reverb and high gain but no success. Is there any special stroking or bending the strings to achieve that sound?
I'm pretty sure he's catching two strings there, bending one up and hitting two so they sound at the same time. The important thing to remember with this is that only one of the strings is being bent to a specific pitch, the other one is just bending as much as it needs to in order to get out of the way.
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^ i think your right though.
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unison bend:

|--22-(24) You bend that 22 up a whole note, then use a wide vibrato

and to get that screech, be sure to pick up stronger
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