Hey Guys! This time I'm covering one of the hardest songs I ever attempt: "Selkies: The Endless Obsession" by the amazing band "Between The Buried And Me" it took me a lot of time to learn how to play correctly this thing. :-) Musically BTBAM is the ***** and this song proves it. Really hope you give me a like in YouTube and share this video to your firends so I can keep uploading more cool covers! thanks a lot all of you ! ..... (C4C) !!!!!!

Please Watch in HD for better audio and image quality !!!!!!!


very clean sounds are heard. I am not a person listens to metal, but I really liked the song.
awesome job man! super tight playing and excellent tone. what interface did you use to record the guitar? keep it up!
Hey thanks man ! yeah to record my guitar I used a pedal called "POD 2.0-Line 6" it's a really good pedal also you can get some awesome tones, but everyting is on your practice, in your hands. :-) cheers ! Any doubt just ask me.
Thanks Everyone ! :-) any doubt or suggest message me in the youtube channel !!! Cheers !
Thanks for the crit! Sorry for taking so long to respond, been incredibly busy as of late. Great job man! Really clean playing. The only thing I don't really like is the tone, but that is more of a personal preference than anything
I can only repeat what others had said, but nice going dude. All your hard work paid off big time.