So I'm changing the bridge pickup in my old Ibanez RG 550 to a EVH Frankenstein humbucker, not sure what to do with the neck pick up tho. Currently use The Breed in both neck and bridge, and they are killer! but I wanna try something new.

Any recommendations?
Probably about the same 'hotness' as the EVH one, I was thinking about Air Norton, Tone Zone, or Super Distortion
If you like the old pickups, why change?

I certainly wouldn't be putting a Super Distortion in the neck. The other two wouldn't be too bad. The Liquifire is my favorite Neck pup from Dimarzio.

You could also try some Seymour Duncans, such as the '59, AlNiCo II Pro, Jazz, or Pearly Gates.
If you're going for the 80s big-hair shreddy EVH tone, try a SD Jazz or DM PAF Pro. If you want a more classic rock tone, try a SD Pearly Gates. If you want a more modern tone, keep the Breed, to be honest.
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i haven't tried the frankenstein, but assuming it's in the hot paf style, the tone zone and super distortion are gonna be way too hot. you'd probably want to pair it with something pafish.
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