Dreams of the Celestial


1. M83 – Lower Your Eyelids To Die With The Sun [Before the Dawn Heals Us]
2. The Verve - The Sun, The Sea [A Storm in Heaven]
3. Stella Luna - Antares [Stargazer]
4. A Place To Bury Strangers – The Falling Sun [A Place To Bury Strangers]
5. LSD and the Search For God – Starshine [LSD and the Search For God]
6. Ceremony - Stars Fall [Rocket Fire]
7. Slowdive – When the Sun Hits
8. Trespassers William – Different Stars [Different Stars]
9. The Time and Space Machine - After the Gold Rush [Set Phazer to Stun]
10. Highspire – Sunraindown [Aquatic]

Total Play Time: 59:06

It’s a reworking of an existing playlist that I made a while back. All the tracks are linked either by track name or artist having to something to do with Space. I don't think I need to point them all out to you. So just sit back, relax and allow yourself be taken on a journey to the stars and beyond.


2/12 - TheReverend724 gave us Waves of Haze
2/27 - due 07 gave us due's VERY ALT alternative mix
3/5 - neidnarb11890 gave us Tom11890's "Meow Mix"
3/12 - uhh_me? gave us Muh muh muh. Muh?
3/19 - turncoat60% gave us How I Chill (Blunts Not Included)
3/26 - bradulator gave us Springin' in the Rain
4/2 - Joshua1207 gave us Rad Stuff
4/9 - wizards? gave us *Insert something witty that will make you want to listen to this here*
4/16 - spitonastranger gave us Easy listening for hep cats
4/23 - lookpizza gave us A&I Mixtape 4/23: I'm a puddle stomper AND YOU'RE A SPONGE
5/7 - due 07 gave us Untitled Mix
5/14 - uhh_me? gave us Bop-A-Doo
5/21 - turncoat60% gave us Folkin' Around
5/28 - Joshua1207 gave us Have A Nice Day
6/4 - neidnarb11890 gave us killed my parents & hit the road #yolo
6/11 - TheReverend724 gave us 2AM Pool Magic
6/18 - spitonastranger gave us Bear with me
6/25 - uhh_me? gave us Some uhh time?
7/2 - K-Lizzle gave us METAL AS ****
7/9 - █▐▌█▐▌ gave us All Yesterday's Parties
7:16 Bradulator gave us Knitting and Knitting
7/23 - Hereiwas gave us I Was A Teenaged Rebel
7/30 - Hazy Days
8/6 - Joshua1207 gave us Music Music
8/20 - jiminizzle gave us Skipping the Party
9/10 - uhh_me? gave us Tree Transitions
9/24 - TheReverend724 gave us The Night Before/The Morning After
10/1 - wizards? gave us Spite. Spite. Spite. Take Notice, I'm Trying to Spite You
10/11 - punkforlife93 gave us There Is A God
10/18 - Still Folkin' Around with turncoat60%
11/1 - Songs for No One by Joshua1207
11/8 - Transmissions from the Ancient Psychocult by The Wildchild
11/22 - If I Could See Dallas by jiminizzle
11/29 - Shroomin' by korinaflyingv
12/6 - a cobweb gave us Open Field With A Window
12/23 - uhh_me? gave us Wintuh
2/6 – due 07 gave us †h× µ⊓hØlÿ §†×⊓¢h ؃ mµ®Ð×®

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2/25 - Saint78
3/04 - █▐▌█▐▌
3/11 - bradulator
3/18 - turncoat60%
I listened to it a few days ago while I was doing homework and it was super relaxing.
“Just to sum up: I would do various things very quickly.” - Donald Trump
I really miss this in the metal forum, but regardless of this, awesome list, Neil. Been big on a few these for a while now, but Stella Luna was a new listen, as was Highspire. I take it I should begin with the albums mentioned?
Cheers my man.

Yeah. Stella Luna only have the Stargazer EP so you've not much choice. But it really is a fantastic 26 minutes of music. As for Highspire I've only heard Aquatic, but they only have one other album plus a 'rarities' compilation.Aquatic is really good though, one of those albums that somehow gets better with every listen.