Hey there everyone. My names Lennon. Im not sure how many hits ill get off of this but whatever. Im looking for possible members to join my band. I need a bassist, drummer, possible lead guitarist (or rhythm) and a female vocalist if i can find one.
Somewhat local. You need to be from georgetown or lexington or somewhere close by.
Similar age. You need to be around the same age as me. Im a junior in high school so yeah.
Transportation. I am not gonna be able to drive you to practice and preferable practice would be at my place.
Dedication. I want to be famous. So yeah
Taste. I love all kinds of music and I'm all for fusing genres but 90s punk at least needs to be a common ground. Im talking green day, the offspring, blink 182, sum 41, etc.
Free schedule. Were gonna need to practice, so if you're always busy, then yeah. Sundays work best for me.
Look. This one isn't really a requirement so much as a preference, but I'm kinda gothic/emo so yeah. If you fit these qualifications email me at the harlekwin @ gmail . Com (no spaces)
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