Hey wonderful guitarists,

For years I 'fiddled' with the guitar. I would look up tabs and learn a few riffs. I can play a few solos and know most of my chords. I can do many techniques and know them all right (bending, hammer/pull-offs, trill, rake, slides etc). I LOVE my guitar, but as life got in the way I've been neglectful and have never had much discipline around it.

Well, it is time for that to change. But I don't know where to start...before I bust out my riffs and medleys I need to warm-up/practice...so here is where you come in!
If someone can point me to a great warm-up, talk about theirs or even better, make one for me!

I still consider myself a beginner, but I am comfortable with alternate picking and was thinking of some scales...where would I even start? It all seems SO overwhelming and intimidating. *sighs*
I can read tablature but not notation...I have no idea about much theory (again I fashion myself a beginner).

Please help. What should I do? What should I work on? What theory should I learn? How LONG should I practice? I feel I'm getting discouraged because my playing is all over the map and I don't know what to focus on.

I have no desire to be a famous guitar player, I want to play for fun, family and friends and maybe start a youtube channel for online friends. Thank you for ANY help at all.

-Your desperate friend, booknerd
OK, I'm not here to plug myself but I've written a PDF all about identifying what you need to practice and how to structure your practice sessions. You can get it free form my website.

Let me know how it goes, I welcome all feedback.

Kind regards,
Stuart Bahn