I'm trying to get a little better at playing with a slide, any suggestions on how to improve, i.e licks to practice chord shapes for open tunings ect
You can find a lot of this information on the web and on YouTube. I subscribe to the "GtrWrkShop" YouTube channel which has plenty.

No secret to open tunings; G and D are likely the most common and easiest to access but there are dozens.
Ideally, you should have a guitar just for playing slide, as the action should be on the high side and the strings heavy....An old acoustic junker is just fine to learn on.
Slides are a matter of preference. You can buy very nice glass or brass items for about 10 bucks, or learn to cut off wine-bottle necks as many do. Dozens of other items have been used.

Beyond that, the basics are very simple. In an open tuning, the open strings are your "1" chord, the 5th fret is your "IV" chord, and the seventh is your "V" chord (or, 1-4-5) That's your basic blues progression.
You want to learn to mute the strings behind your slide, place the slide directly over the fret to be played, slide cleanly from one fret to the other, play single notes cleanly, and develop a good vibrato.
When learning how to play slide guitar, take your time! Work on the technique slowly and methodically. Slide technique is very tricky and there several components to it. Make sure that any string that you don't want sounding, is muted.