What's up everybody I built my own guitar!!!! I like it a lot it's very unique since it is my own and my own only.
Sorry I'm really proud of it. Anyway I've been playing just a little bit I'm still a beginner trying to get used to the basics of playing. I want to be able to play just about all rock from soft to hard, metal, punk, and some country. I think I'm pretty far away from all that though.
I've been playing (trying) free falling by Tom petty and wake me up when September ends by green day but I'm having trouble with frets. I figure ill find advice though.
Well just wanted to say hi everyone! I'm really looking forward to jammin out and seeing what ultimate guitar has to offer. Cool place so far
Would love to see that guitar. Pics in the gear thread maybe?
You seem reasonably intelligent .......... stay away from The Pit!
I can honestly say I tried to throw some in the gear threads but my IOSed iPod doesn't want to let me put them in my post. I uploaded some pics of the guitar to my profile though...I think?
Why stay away from the pit?
Looks real nice, was it a kit?
To each his own on the pit, if it works for you, go for it.
I built the body myself and bought the rest and then crafted the ***** together as my buddies did their own also.
I went into the Pit...I laughed and had to post on one of the topic. Forgive me for I have sinned