Here's my soundcloud

Check out To Find a Place of Solace(1.1) and Unreality(1.5). There are others too. I specify because these are the too latest that I'm still working on. I've uploaded the songs after a big step in the progression of writing them where I can't feel out where to take them. Unreality is basically done but needs some work imo.

I don't know where to post these as they aren't recordings of my actual playing although I can play them. I just don't have the means to record. I wrote these with GP6. I imagine a lot of people here are used to GP or programs like it some it won't seem so alien.
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It's very bass heavy, may want to to cut out some of that low end a bit. The song itself is cool. If you could get this on a guitar and play it as its sounds then it would be a good song.


Yea I would but I don't have any means of recording. I'm only working with guitar pro, a small amp and my guitar. Thanks for your opinion. I checked out out some of your stuff and it's pretty cool. Love the mask.