I have problems with my tuning. I've changed new strings to my guitar (B.C Rich Warlock) and I can't get it in tune again. This problem started before I changed the strings (that's why my string snapped).
And to the problem: When my string is loose the tuner shows that the string is sharp. And when I tighten the string it shows the string is flat. When it shows it's in tune, the string is really loose. I took my electric tuner in to music store and it worked fine there. Should I take my guitar to the store or is there some simple reason for this problem? Any help? I've never before had this problem.
If your guitar has a vibrato, this is the cause. Either the spring and string tension have become unbalanced, which gives endless tuning problems, or the knife edges on the bridge's base has dulled, which will cause it to get stuck. The first can be fixed by opening up the back and adjusting the springs with a screwdriver, while the second requires requires you to buy a new bridge, basically.

If your guitar has a fixed bridge, the most likely causes are either you're simply not restringing the guitar correctly or that there is a burr or other obstruction in the nut slots. This is a simple case of cleaning everything carefully and double-checking how you are restringing the guitar.
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Thanks for your answer! I was checking everything and accidentally snapped my string again! I'll probably take it to the shop and let them restring it and find out what's wrong.
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I have a bc rich warlock NJ with the floyd rose tremolo. Its very difficult to string and tune a floyd rose system if you havent done it before. It requires balance between the strings and springs, plus, tuning one string changes the pitch of the others. Watch youtube videos on how to do it, or take it to a shop to have it done professionally.
Thanks for your help guys! I've restringed it again and now it's in tune and working fine!
Don't know what was causing my problem but now it's gone anyway.
Tune by ear and you will have no problems. If you have any other instruments or a tuning fork, no need for tuner if it seems not to work properly.
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