Hi! I have a Dobro Hound Dog Deluxe with a piezo pickup built in (See link).
Currently I have a bass amp from Marshall which gives pretty good sound for my singer/songwriter stuff, but I desperately want to get that sweet dirty blues sound that this guitar was meant for when they first made it. Ive tried using a LR Baggs Gog Pro pre amp that I read would give more dist to the sound, but I know I probably need a new guitar amp to get the sound I want.
[forbidden link]

My question is: How can I get that nasty old blues sound that you signify with the time electricity first entered the world of blues and tehy where still playing delta blues on dobros...?
There is a great filmclip from the movie Cadilac Records where Muddy is out on the street and his girl throws him a electricity cable from the window.. when he plugs it in.. thats the sound Im after [forbidden link]

they got it by playing shitty guitars through shitty, small, broken amps at high volumes
Buy a little 5 or 10 watt guitar amp and crank it.

Also, an electric guitar pickup would probably assist it.