yeah, more like frets 11-3.. on my high e and b strings.. sound muted when i pick them. i don't understand? 10 sounds lively, nice... 14 does too.. in between there, on those two strings, no sound.. like its dead.. is it just cuz i have a cheap acoustic? (Epiphone DR-100) or does it have something to do with not stringing it correctly? any explanation/input would be appreciated
where do you live? has it happened because you live in a colder climate and the air is drier now causing your guitar to lose valued humidity? its a fully laminate guitar i assume but humidity is still important.
that's as far as i would venture to guess with the information given so far.
that could be it, i live in iowa and its been below freezing these last couple of weeks which is about when i started noticing it
Sight across the lower bout of the guitar, approximately in line with the bridge. You eye is going to be looking across the fattest part of the guitar, from the side).

Check to see if the top is convex, (puffing out from the body), flat, (directly in line with both body sides), or (the worst case) concave, (going toward the inside of the guitar).

If the top is flat, or caving in, there is a big humidity issue.

It the top is puffed up, your problem is elsewhere, such as insufficient neck "relief".

Are you getting nailed frequently with static? If so, humidity is too low.

Here's a search page at Musician's Friend with guitar humidifiers: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/search.jsp?N=700008&Ns=r&Ntk=ALL&Ntx=mode+matchpartialmax&Nty=1&Ntt=guitar%20humidifiers

Here's a sticky thread which goes into quite a bit of detail on this topic: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=987641
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....[ ]....... freaks everywhere but they seem to be more abundant here in NY.
Pete Seeger, to name just one...

To add a bit of a note to this issue. It's about 90+ % that this is a humidity issue. The 12th & 13th frets are actually the highest points on the fret board, as the fretboard slopes down and away from the strings approaching the sound hole, and also down and away toward the neck relief.

So, if the bridge height drops, you get buzz right in the center of the scale.
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