Hi guys. just wana say hi an im back to a guitar, i learned to play a long time ago, i was a big floyd fan so learnt loads 15 years ago anyway i just bought this all black encore strat copy well iv had it about 2 months now, been waiting for a new all wired scratch plate from japan. very cheap and it has not turned up after a month an im dying to get moving agin so i thought maybe somebody can help me re wire it all up. i have all the parts but nothing is soldered cept for the picups all to one of the pots bodys, red an white wires coming from the pickups with metal inside cut off. Now i know nothing of wiring up a encore. if i take some photos is anybody willing to try an help a noob to get this wood to sing again ????

btw. iv looked all over for a wiring diagram an not one has the same switch so im lost to soldering it up. maybe somebody will know the parts my guitar has an can help. cheers...Tony J