So im in this cover band we play Thrash Metal covers (Megadeth, Exodus, Metallica,etc)

and we are starting to make our own music but theres a problem, on the city we live every rock/metal band you see It´s a Hard Core band you know screams, pig killing scream, scream scream scream scream BREAKDOWN scream scream scream scream

don´t get me wrong i like the genre but after 7 bands playing the same music, sounding exactly the same and sometimes with the same guitarist on 3 bands it get´s boring and frustraring (all in the same gig)

so beacause they all are too ¨HEAVY¨ we all ways get to open to like 15 people

so my question is How can we make it on a situacion like this?

By make it i mean: Having more people supporting us, get better spots on the gig´s bandlist, and have more people like our music
Be more interactive with your fans. Fans will build a loyalty if you interactive with them and give them some of your time. Make them feel welcomed and give them a reason to come. Remember as a performer, you not only play music, you entertain. If I wanted to hear covers, I got youtube, what makes you more unique them me going to youtube and watching band covers? Got any gimmicks to amuse people?

Set up flyers, call friends and let them know. Even write letters and messages to people. Any way that makes them feel a part of the band and not the masses.

Have you tried getting any of the venues you play to promote you any? Besides just saying you can be here at X date and X time?

Make friends with other bands. You can support each other and most likely will share a fan base. Why should you? You can advertise each other when you have gigs the same nights after each other. Hopefully both your fans will show up and here both of you guys play and not just for one band.

Are you well known among people? AKA do you have a social network? They open up very excellent chances, and you can only miss those chances if you do not take an active part in them.

Also how many gigs do you play and at how many spots? More gigs and more locations open up the chance to get new fans. Plus you'll meet new people who may or may not be useful.

For a quick summary, expand your social network. Be more interactive. And have stage gimmicks.

EDIT: Sorry, I'm super tired. So if there's typing errors and grammar errors, that's why. I'm not fixing it tonight and probably won't. It should be clear enough to read.
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Dude just tough it out my cities the exact same way and i dont play that kind of music you just gota try that much harder and true fans will come
You just described, to a T, the town I live in. In the middle of all that, my band does hair metal, so we're REALLY far out there from the other bands in our age group (late teens to early twenties) This has actually helped us a lot. Everyone in town who goes to watch bands play know who we are because we are so much different. Even people who hate our music talk about us quite often. We never have to worry about playing the same cover as another band, and we never have to worry about sounding like another band in town. I think you should try to capitalize on it, that's what we're doing and it's worked pretty well for us. Hard to say if that'll work for you though

+1 for Xter's advice too
^^^ Exactly Tracii. I don't know why so many bands say "we're not successful because we're not the same as everyone else". Most of the time there's something else holding them back. But as youve demonstrated, if youre not like everyone else its an advantage because you have less competition, and theres most likely a demand for what you play.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
1. I don't think you know what hardcore is.
2. You need a good, original sound which is catchy. Most popular but original bands achieve this by fusing genres but not going all out experimental.
3. Interaction with fans, and giving them good deals, offering free downloads online
4. marketing like a madman. actually have something to say
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