Guys, I'm a long time G. Tipton and Judas Priest fan, but I would like to ask You for suggestions concerning lead tone in this one (starts 0:48):

Just how the f*ck he does it?

1. What pickup You think would be best for that screaming and clear leads? EMG81 or else?
2. What kind of FX do You hear?

I already have tube Marshall and superstrat guitar, I just want to spice up my tone in that direction. I don't know how to describe it, it's really really hot, yet not overly distorted. And harmonics.... Jeeez.

Thanks for any ideas!
It's JMP or ENGL. Nothing else matters.
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Read this...likely he would've used similar gear for this project.
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I too am a long time priest fan and to me his lead tone hasn't seemed to change all that much from the mid 80s (Screaming for Vengeance, Defenders of the Faith). I've always thought sounded like he's using some kind of fuzz for his lead tone. I've gotten pretty similar sounds through a z.vex fuzz factory or running EMGs through a silicon fuzz (though that can be noisy as hell). While he retains a lot of articulation and clarity it sounds like he is using a lot of gain....a lot.

Anyhow that's probably not how he did it but you might be able to fake it with a little bit of the right fuzz and delay/echo.
Fuzz is a great idea!
For sure there is some chorus and delay, but it's unbelievable to me how he's got soo much gain (sustain, harmonics) without compromising note clarity.
Some say they (both Glenn and KK) used JB pickups, and photos from 90's (when this was recorded) show passive pickups in their axes.
So.. JB vs EMG81 for this application... any suggestions are welcome!
It's JMP or ENGL. Nothing else matters.