I've had 12s on my ltd ec1000 since I got it a few months back, and have now changed to 10s. I notice a bit of fret buzz, does this suggest that i should look at the neck curvature? The action is reasonable (I think) and I dont want to raise it if I can help it...

I also notice that when I fret a chord I often am bending some strings a little bit out of tune. I didnt notice this with the heavier strings. Is this just a technique thing and I'll get a lighter touch eventually? I dont have the softest of touches, and the jumbo frets are not helping :-(
You need to do a full setup when switching down from 12's to 10's. The difference in tension is enough that the trussrod will likely need adjusted to get the neck relief back where you like it. I would suggest loosening it a quarter turn and letting it sit, minus string tension, for a day to readjust itself. Then retune and see where the relief is and how it affected the action and sound.
i thought you are supposed to have the strings tuned when doing this. do you mean loosening the tension after the adjustment is made, then tuning up again after a day?
Check out the sticky thread about guitar setup, that might help you!
have you done a guitar setup before?
Ive made minor adjustments, but I don't think i am making things better at the moment. I've done some reading on it but I think I am just missing experience. I not taking it to the shop cos there are just some monkeys working there and I dont trust them to put in any love or attention. Gotta learn this myself someday anyway, right? Please reassure me that I can't irreversably screw it up (short of breaking the truss) by fiddling with with it... Ill try raise the action a little tomorrow and see what the result is. I notice the intonation is off on a few strings too. In the worst case Ill find an expert somewhere who can put it back to good (it was absolutely lovely when i got it, but i went to 12s pretty soon after, and drifted a bit from the factory setup)
perhaps worth mentioning is that i am getting a bit of fret buzz all over the neck on the heavier strings, not much buzz, but enough to irritate when picking clean, and i hear it as a rattle when strumming hard. Mostly on the heavier strings. Since its spread out, and when testing the neck bow I see that its quite uniform and the string is pretty close all the way along, like i might get a piece of paper in between the fret and string, probably not a credit card, should I take this as a sign that the neck is bowed correctly, and that the action should go up instead? i currently have about 2mm at the 12th?
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There are some great videos on youtube that show how to set intonantion properly, neck relif and action. I really sugest you look them up.
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