I play 6 string guitars at the moment - use Ernie Ball 10-52 (http://www.ernieball.com/products/electric-strings/1693/skinny-top-heavy-bottom-nickel-wound)

I like having flexible G, B, and e strings but playing pull offs on the lower strings throws me off sometimes.

I tried putting a bass string as my low E, I liked it a lot but buying separate packs is quite expensive.

Considered buying a pack of 7 or 8 and using the higher gauge ones.

Are there any 6 string packs using light (10/13/17 or such) with stupid high gauge lower strings?
Have you tried buying single strings? Also what do you mean by "stupid gauge lower strings"? That's not exactly very specific...
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You used a bass string for your low E? How did you manage to make that sound even decent.

This thread is hell vague and probably gonna be closed.

Buy some single strings and find a set that works for you. Make up your own set using single strings.
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Thats a technique problem, not a string one.
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Doesn't EB still make the Skinny top/heavy bottom sets? Or would that be too light? If so, follow the suggestion above and buy individual strings.