Hey, I was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to get that 60's garage sound, anything from gear suggestions, techniques, songwriting tips etc, would be appreciated.

I'm particularly interested in these kinds of sounds:




Thanks for the help
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A lot of those guys just used pretty standard blues and pentatonic scales, simple chords etc, it was more in the way they played them that gave the music that psychedelic feel. Effects like tremolo, fuzz, wah and delay, especially when mixed together will probably help get some of the sounds, then just mess around until you find something that sounds cool.
^ Yep the big effects then were Fuzz, Wah, Tremolo and echo. Also the univibe. Just the right amount of fuzz will give you that good ol 60's rock grit.
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I heard that back then, the amps had no distortion, so the distorted sounds would be made by using a clean amp and simply cranking the volume way up! Not sure if that's true, but if anyone knows anything about that, they'll be able to fill you in
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