Currently I use an Ibanez RG1570 with tonezone/true velvet/air norton pickup setup. The problem with this is, I don't like either humbucker, but love the true velvet in the middle for almost everything. So my question is, should I go out and try a bunch of single coil guitars such as a stratocaster, telecaster, jaguar and so on or should I upgrade the two buckers two something more vintage sounding? Ideas or opinions much appreciated!
I'd say, go to the store try everything that you can get near and expand your knowledge. I could give you some advice, but in the end tone is a subjective thing. Remember the same pickup might sound different in different guitars!

Happy hunting xD
Oh yeah to add, I was thinking about maybe a dimarzio humbucker from hell in the neck and either an air classic bridge, norton or paf pro in the bridge position as alternatives.
I have two amps. A vox lil night train with 10" stock cabinet and a jca22h through an egnater open back g12h30. I like the sound of both, just not the humbuckers.
If you really like the true velvet, maybe a switch of guitars with 3 different single coils is what you want. SC's really have a different feel and tone than HB's so keep that TV and look at the injectors and the area series from DiMarzio. And a strat with 5 way switching and a sweet combo of different SC's might be what you want.
They make conversion brackets so you can put single coils into a humbucker slot. If you like that the best, it's easily reversible should you ever want to sell the guitar. Usually you buy a guitar to cover more tonal range, but if you aren't ever gonna use the humbuckers, then why drop $300+ on a MIM strat when you can "fix" what you currently have for under $150 to make it what you want.

Link for it:
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Yeah. There's so many options. I'm definitely going to play a few more guitars at the store and have a discussion with Dimarzio techs about it. But that's definitely another option, because I love my RG, just not those buckers. hmmmmmmmmm
You could try coil tapping the HBs to see if it gets you in the ball park. All you'd need is push/pull, push/push pots or mini switches/buttons; cheap and easy. I use a tapped SD 59/Custom Hybrid in my Strat bridge switchable to either screw or slug coil...very flexible, like three pups in one. I used a 3-way on/off/on switch near my 5-way. Plenty of diagrams out there.
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definitely try a bunch of other guitars and pickups before forking out any money. the 1570 should be a fine guitar, and assuming you like how it plays, you should be able to get it to sound the way you want (within reason). even if you prefer single coil tones, something like a duncan stag mag might be worth considering.

of course, if you want 100% authentic strat tones then get a strat (or a good quality copy). but you don't want to dump a perfectly good guitar if it's only the pickups that you don't like.
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I have them like that right now, as well as the standard 5 way combine. They just don't do it for me. Which is why I'm hoping possibly a pickup change might solve this issue. It's frustrating though. :C
Quote by HammerParty
Oh yeah to add, I was thinking about maybe a dimarzio humbucker from hell in the neck and either an air classic bridge, norton or paf pro in the bridge position as alternatives.

It sounds to me like you prefer the tone of a single coil over that of a humbucker. Why exactly are you considering those pickups?

I say go out and play some more guitars. If you really do like single coils more, then you should just buy a SSS pickguard and some single coils.
Werll the HFH is supposed to sound like a single coil in a humbucker. Also my RG doesn't have a pickguard / mount for them. I'd rather not drill anything other than needed. Just trying to look for a lesser money solution / compromise. But if I have to, I'll end up buying another guitar.