Hey guys, I'll try explain my query, but do note that I don't have the art skills to draw out diagrams.

I've been rewiring one of my guitars with a new volume (for separate volumes), new pickups and a coil split toggle. Most of that's irrelevant, but just some background. Anyway, what I've noticed is that on wiring diagrams like this have the capacitor wired to the middle lug with the hot output going to and from an outside lug with the other outside lug not being used.

My tone control has the capacitor wired to the outside lug (and the other end to ground like it should) and the middle lug having a wire to a lug on the volume control that has another wire going to the middle portion of the pickup selector. So this is obviously the hot, and it's only wired for 1 volume and 1 tone at the moment.

What's going on guys? (it still functions like a normal tone control!)
Well, the short answer is that it doesn't matter which lug it is on, as long as you are using the center lug and and the lug on the right (with the lugs pointing toward you).

Tone pots work in the opposite fashion of volume pots, in that turning the tone control fully clockwise acts like an open circuit, and fully counterclockwise is like a short circuit, albeit through a low pass filter (the capacitor). The only difference the lugs make is to determine which way the taper of the pot goes, so as long as you use the two previously mentioned lugs it will not matter which has the hot wire and which has the capacitor to ground.