I'd appreciate some feedback, the bass and drums are kind of funk-like, while the lead guitar track is jazz-like. I'm really proud of this one, and I'd love if you listened to it.
Let me know what you think?
Thanks for checking out my song.

I like this a lot, really chill. The lead playing is real smooth and not flashy, which is exactly how I like leads. Great vibe ya got out of it. My only criticism is the auto-wah on the bass got a little too overbearing after a bit...but thats only a minor concern of mine. Good work.
As I listen.

Funky, reminds me of old school chili peppers. Diggin the grove you got going, smooth yet keeps you on your feet. The wah bass sounds pretty cool It all goes together really well. The one thing is i'd switch up you're rhythms a little when you're playing straight quarter or 8th notes on the lead guitar or the bassline sometimes. Personal preference though, just makes it sound more funky when you can tell you are counting in 16ths throwing in some empty space. The bass line change/solo is pretty nice. Definitely better than some produced music like this. You need to find a band man, although it sounds great anyway.
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Thanks for listening to Relaxion, glad you like it.

About this song, I think you can improve the tones of it. The bass auto.filter is a bit to strong, the lead solo guitar is too clean (maybe a short delay or some reverb to get a more fullish tone.

And the rythm is good, but i must confess that after some time it was repeating, you could try to find a variation on the chords, a "chorus" of your song.

But cool track to jam along, i imagine myself soloing above it and having lot's of fun.
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I smell a frusciante fan on the groove of the guitar ?
Sounds awesome, rlly love how the guitar goes around remains me of frusciante of which I'm a huge fan very relaxing

Though I think u should try and lower the tone knob on the guitar abit and add some reverb to it.

Would you mind checking out a song of mine?
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Loving the funk vibe in this track, the auto wah is good but perhaps reduce the level of the effect a little earlier on just too avoid it dragging on a little? The last minute is very enjoyable. Overall this does indeed have a great relaxed feel and is well put together especially if you're doing this alone!
Funky! The guitars are too weak though. Like Gar Tint said, you should thicken the sound of the lead guitar a bit. Your guitar playing is really good though. I love the little bass thing around 2:15, made me laugh a bit. (sounds like a funky duck)
I feel like maybe around halfway, you should have made the drums more intense, add some cymbals maybe, that will make it even cooler. Now it's a bit too repetitive.
Overall funky!

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