Hi Im trying to put together a suitcase drumset in order to jam around my downtown area with friends and junk just for fun. Lugging a full set around is pretty unpractical. Anyway I have already purchased a nice old roomy american tourister suitcase for $5 that seems to be just about perfect for what I need if for. Ive been looking about the internet and around twon for good prices on the other crap I need like a snare stand, a high hat stand that will collapse, kick drums pedals, etc.

Im also thinking about getting a piccolo snare for it instead of a regular full size one. I feel itll be a bit less abrasive, not to mention way less deep. I have found decent prices for allof these things on ebay but I was wondering if anyone else had any sites or companys they get decent cheap parts and such from.

Also, any ideas on what kind of snare you think would be best would be cool to or really any random ideas. Im focusing on keeping it pretty basic to the suitcase, snare, and high hat setup at first but once I got that stuff I will begin to add other things like a couple of little cymbals and maybe some kind of pseudo-tom haha

I just got a tax return so money isnt a super big issue but Im still trying trying to go as cheap as possible without ending up with toy-drum parts and stuff. So just pretty decent used stuff I guess is what Im after. Thanks for the help if you help
I'd definitely recommend a Sonor Jungle Snare, Its pretty cheap and only a 10x2, sounds great as well.


Good luck with this, its a great idea.

EDIT - Also looking through some videos it recommended one of these Gibraltar L-Arms to mount a cymbal on in the suitcase, I'm not sure 100% about how it works but he was a link to the video I saw the comment on.

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sweet thanks dude! and yeah i know what you are talking about with the L-arm i guess its just a matter of finding some ok sounding cymbals at this point. but i had never heard of a jungle snare before that would probably be perfect because its only 10 x 2. The one in the video sounded awesome. I looooove how crisp it was. I have two 14 inch snares (one wooden one steel) on my regular set so until I get one specifically for this little kit im using my steel one i mean it sounds good but I really do think a 10 x something would do the trick.
just an update in case anyone is interested. I got everything put together and have been jamming all over my town with various musicians and its freaking incredible. If you play drums you really should consider doing this if you like to just set up with people you dont really know and go at it. nothing better yo!
Thats great man, if you've got some pictures I'd love to see it

Ever since I looked into this thread I've been inspired to do this myself, I've got a few of the parts and the suitcase yesterday, its not quite big enough standard way up but i've got some ideas to get it all together.

To add on what you said, if anyone wants to do this it'd be great to make this a build thread for ideas and such.
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