Hi! So this might have been asked before, I'm not sure (sorry if I'm spamming). I need help practising. I'm not sure how to practise. I guess you could say I'm a beginner because I've been playing for 2 and a half years on and off. Anyway, I'm fine with chords and I can play songs that only involve chords but when it comes to playing things I want to play like power chords or tabs I kind of suck.
I'm kind of slow at moving my fingers and sometimes I'll miss the string completely or my finger would be in a really awkward position. When I practice I really don't know what to do. Usually I practice songs I know and am decent at but I feel like thats getting me no where.
Anyway my question is, what should I do when I practise? My dream is to play guitar for a band (unrealistic I know) and I can't get there if I'm not good at guitar first, lol.
So yeah, any advice?
Yeah...Keep Practicing!We all sucked at first. Are hands dont immediatly just know what to do right off the bat. You have to train your brain this whole new way of thinking and you have to train your hands to communicate with each other. You can achieve all of this with practice. You are your own worst critic and always will be. So baby steps my friend. Juast take some real easy songs like iron man, smoke on the water etc.... and go from there. BUT YOU HAVE TO PRACTICE!!!!!

Dont give up or else your just going to get more frustrated and quit.
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first of all its not unrealistic to play in a band(maybe to play in a famous band and be a rockstar but hey it could happen)
now when you practice practice whats wrong with your technique you said you have trouble with power chords or youll miss the string or be in a awkward position i say you fix those first find songs that have power chords(shouldnt be too difficult) and practice on hitting the strings and being accurate and remember to practice slowly and deliberately