I am a 3rd product design student and I am currently looking into different methods of learning guitar and what impact technology has had on this process.

My dissertation is based around different methods of learning, both traditional and modern and aims to find out which methods are most popular and the opinion of the guitar community on the matter.My dissertation will also look into how technology has changed how we learn and if this is a positive or negative effect on guitar players

I have made a short 10 question survey which I would be grateful if you could fill. I am willing to share my finding with anyone who would like to see them and discuss any comments or further opinions you may have.

Please feel free to add to this thread by commenting on any past experiences you may have had with different methods of learning to play guitar and which ones worked well and didn't work so well.

Please reply to this thread and I will send you the link to my survey as posting it on here is against the rules

Any questions private message me

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