Band Name: Valley Haze
Album: The Valley
Genre: we call it "Acoustic-Vein"

Hello everybody! My band and I have recently released our first album "The Valley". It is fairly mellow throughout the whole thing, but with some twists such that each song feeds off of the energy of the album as a whole. we like producing album-based music; each song takes the previous to the next chapter in the story or mood. We feel we are very original with our songwriting so it is definitely worth a listen, and maybe shoot us some feedback with what you thought, it would be greatly appreciated

Here are the links to our facebook and bandcamp:


Hi everybody, just wanted to stop by and post a quick update on the band. We are progressing really far as musicians and are about half way through the second album, with material already lined up for the third. Here is the link to our youtube page, we have some live performances of both new and old songs, so definitely check it out and let us know what you think!


We are currently trying to get a bigger following on Reverbnation, here's the link to our profile: http://www.reverbnation.com/valleyhazeband

On this page we have some mp3's off of the first album "The Valley" along with live video performances in the basement of the lead singer. Enjoy the music and spread the word!
I listened to calling on oblivion. I really dig the vibe you chaps have going on. Its kind of folky without being cheesy folky. The guitar work is good in it but they beefed up a tad. One thing i really enjoyed was the delayed introduction of the drums. Great vocals and tune. Best of luck to you guys .
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yeah loved the guitar vibe on alot of the songs i dont particularly listen to this type of music really like the vocal style and the added effects on the empire best of luck to you guys on your future endeavors alot of potential
Thanks for you comment on my track.

Intro (Pure Imagination) reminds me of Muse, because of the vocals. The Empire reminds me of Pink Floyd. Nice harmonies on the vocals. I don't have time now, but I'll listen to the album in full later (be sure to remind me!).

Also, how did you come up with the name 'Acoustic Vein' for your genre?
Thank you all for the feedback! To Soldier Poet, I have actually never heard the comparison to Muse, and to be honest I've never really listened to them but I might listen to something to try to find your basis for comparing. As for the Pink Floyd comparison, we are very much inspired by the melodic structure of the Floyd, so I'm glad it shows in one way or another. As for the name Acoustic Vein, we couldn't really pin any specific genre on our sound. After thinking about it for a little while we thought the word "vein" did the sound justice, it sort of highlighted the deeper aspects of our lyrics and melodies. Not sure if it will stick long-term, but for now that's what we are! Hope you get a chance to listen to the rest, thanks
loved the whole album, creamy tones and stunning melody lines throughout. Loved the title track, the vocals gave me chills, really beautiful. Bought the album, just had to, nice balance of raw and polish somehow, hard to put into words. Glad to find another artist to listen to.

Thanks for the feedback on my track as well.
Hey man, thanks for listening to my song. I'm listening to Calling All Oblivion now. The production quality is very good and I enjoy the folk feel. The vocals sound like Neil Young at times, which I enjoy, but they are a tad too loud relative to the guitars I think. That's more of a personal thing though, as I tend to enjoy guitar oriented music. Lyrics are good, and overall it's an enjoyable song. Keep it up bro.
Thanks for the review man, listening to "The Empire" - anyway:

Interesting style you guys have got - very progressive though, very much up my street. Nicely layered and panned out guitars, only thing I didn't like production-wise was perhaps the drums seem too far 'behind' the rest of the music for my liking. Great song nonetheless! Structure of the song is very through-composed feeling and yet the vocals keep it interesting throughout.

Good job on creating an individual sound, keep it up.
"Pure Imagination". Heh.
Lovely cover, friend. I remember when I was young, I heard this song, and it became a favorite for a long time. Times were so different back then. So much was different in so many ways.

"The Empire"
Interesting. Listening to it, and it reminds me a lot of Bob Dylan and Maynard James Keenan for some reason. I suppose Probably Dylan for the acoustic work, and Keenan for the somewhat similar vocal styling. Either way, very interesting track. Calming, yet not to the point where it loses it's abrasiveness, and becomes too "soft". I like it.

"The Valley"

Really like the vocal styling. It has some sort of very faint fade in. I like it. Feels sorrowful, almost bitter, yet still serene at the same time. Feels like an old tune I heard when I was young. It's making me oddly nostalgic of all those old times, all the friends I left behind, without really getting to say goodbye.

"Lady Colored Black (The Valley ii)"
Slower, softer than the other songs. Interesting transition. Like the effects at the beginning, another cool change, always keeping things fresh and new, eh? Heh. Anyways, Feels like a love song, written for a special someone. I'm also pretty fond of the keyboard in the background, a bit soft, but I like it. I suppose it's fitting to have it soft, to fit the genre. The outro was beautiful - "Only time could be so simple..."

"Calling All Oblivion"
Feels different yet again. Something about the guitar is sharper, more noticeable, louder, perhaps. I can't think of the proper word. It escapes me at the moment. I liked the minor (I think? I'm dumb.) chord progressions, and otherwise the lyrics haunting, your is voice a shadow that won't fade from my memory (In a totally non gay way). Anyways, another serene, calming track. I really like the "outburst" at about 4 minutes in. It was so lovely and sudden. Spontaneous beauty. The outro, yet again, is lovely, a message repeated and emphasized.

"Saints of Desportrait (The Valley iii)"
Like how the keyboard complements the guitar in the intro, otherwise, another lovely track all nonetheless. Also liked the treble effect and emphasized vocals around the 3 minute point (I'm sorry, I'm getting tired and I'm running out of words. I've been up since 4 AM and it's 9 PM right now).

Oh man, an electric guitar. That's such a different change amongst it all. I'm glad you saved the big changes for the last few tracks. Gives a surprise, and a pleasant one at that. More calming and serene vocals, I think I heard some backing vocals too around 2:30. Nice!

"Far away"
Nice intro as always, vocals are a bit different, I like it. Somber and slow. I heard some different vocals and Whispers, other effects around late 1 minute in. Interesting. Also, the female vocals are a nice addition. ALL THE VOCALS ARE SO LOVELY GOSH. At about 3 minutes, I feel it stops being so Somber, and becomes a bit more lively with the electric guitar, a little more mysterious as well. Interesting. I hear those whispers again, too. Towards the end, I start to get a sort of Pink Floyd like vibe. Kind of like the song "Dogs"...

All and all, great album. I have it in my wishlist, and I'm going to buy it one day...
Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. Didn't have much time to listen but had a listen to the first three tracks and The Valley was probably my favourite. Just really liked the vocal melodies and acoustic work. Moody stuff, really nice to listen to. Definitely quite different from what I usually listen to, but I enjoyed it. I'll definitely be coming back to listen to this more often. Keep it up mate!
Sorry it's been taking so long for me to get back to you. I listened to Isotein, because that name is awesome. It's been a while now, so I can't really remember the song. Trying to listen to it again now, but I can't seem to play anything from Bandcamp at the moment. I'll play it again as soon as I get it working and give you my review.

Finally got it working. So, Isotein: I like the structure of the song. Voice and effects are very fitting. It sounds like it's just about to break out into something huge all the time, which makes for a very intense mood. The drums at the end were mixed way too low in my opinion. It sounds as though you've recorded the vocals at the same time as the drums and then removed the original drum track. They were very fitting though, just the sound wasn't that good. Cool song!
Thank you for your feedback! I have been improving my mixing slowly but surely, and one thing I have known for a while is that people have said the drums are too low or not mixed very well. I haven't gone back to fix it but when I order new cd's I will probably have all updated mixing and I will upload them online. Thanks again for listening