Poll: Do you pick it up?
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Yes, always, no exceptions.
9 13%
Whenever I'm able to.
11 16%
No, no exceptions.
21 31%
3 4%
No, unless somebody else is around.
8 12%
16 24%
Voters: 68.
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Well, do you? Sometimes if it's dark and I can't see it, I'll leave it to avoid stepping in it during my search. Poll incoming.
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just to throw it at people who I think look funny
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Joshua Garcia
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Uhh, they just go poo on the front lawn so no.
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if i had a dog i wouldnt pick up its poo because thats disgusting and people that do pick up dog poo disgust me
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never. i let my dog outside and he poos in my ten acre yard. nature takes care of things from there

poo is such a funny word, way funnier than shit or crap. haha, poo
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somebody changed it
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Some lady in my neighborhood keeps letter her dog take nuclear powered shits on my lawn and she just refuses to pick them up. I'm this close grabbing them with plastic bags and throwing them at her door and windows.
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No, should... I know people who do, they're good.

One time walking one my friend's dogs... I had the dog, some big ass muscle kinda tall for a short dog Staff thing, with a head bigger than it's body... One time/the last time I walked it, was walking around the corner and I had nothing to scoop, baggy or grab that with... so the dog's shitting and I'm pulling him a long the pavement, so in the end there was a trail of dog shit because of that; Disgusting.
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Yeah, unless we're talking about the yard. It makes me angry though, I always try to get it asap but my mom will just avoid it til I'm up and not even care so I always get pushed into it.
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I dont, because I don't have a dog, but sometimes I spread the cheeks and let one plop on the sidewalk and I usually don't clean that up
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Quote by Seref
nuclear powered shits

seriously though, do it. or just litter her lawn with her own dogs poo, that'll learn her
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Big Gumbo Jones
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nope! she's trained to poop in my woods
You dirty piece of shit, you.

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No, because I'm not poor and having a big yard

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My dog never poos on the path and always near bushes. He's naturally discreet.
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Quote by Seref
Some lady in my neighborhood keeps letter her dog take nuclear powered shits on my lawn and she just refuses to pick them up. I'm this close grabbing them with plastic bags and throwing them at her door and windows.

Better yet, report her to the police. I'm sure there's some city ordinance that says you are required to clean it up after your dog takes a shit on someone else's lawn.
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Quote by jetfuel495
No. Never. I don't even have a dog to pick up poo after.

This exactly
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Better yet, report her to the police.

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Warned for trolling!

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My dog never ever poos on walks, and she has a lot of land at home so no.
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Not anymore since I sewed the cats mouth to the dogs ass. The cat uses the litter box.
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Quote by VillainousLatin
My dog poops on the back yard, so no poop picking up necessary.

The poop makes the grass really green.

My lawn has bare spots where he pees and grows lush like a boreal forest where he poops.
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Nope sometimes I strum it
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At every stop sign in my neighborhood there is a plastic milk bottle cutout with plastic bags inside tied to the sign, and on the bottle it says, "for your dogs poop.'

I always do. It's ****ing nasty to have dog shit everywhere. It stinks and no one wants to step in dog shit.
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Depends. He usually shits on the side of the road in some grass where nobody should be walking, in that case no. If he does it on the road or pavement or anywhere someone might step in it, then yeah.
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I pick it up when I can. Pisses me off when people don't pick it up. Nothing worse than to play football on a field and then find it is full of dog shit. Don't do that to people.
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People walking dogs annoy me. Get your oversized rat out of my way.


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