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I want to tune my guitar down half a step using the Korg Tuner.
It has a flat button, Do I hit the flat button once for it to go down half a step? And when I want to go back to standard tuning just turn the device off and on again?
Sorry im a noob with these tuning devices.
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That's how most guitar tuners work, I don't use those ones much any more though; I own three tuners and they're all chromatic ones. I think once you're past that very initial stage of fretboard learning the chromatic ones are better.

Also: don't say "the korg tuner", they make tonnes of the things; I very much doubt the one you have is the same as the one I use even though they're both korg.
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I have a Korg GA-1 (if that's what you're using, I recommend replacing it like I did) and yes, for every half-step down you want to tune you hit the flat button once.
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^ Yep thats right.

I've had a Korg CA-1 forever (11years) It makes life alot easier to have a chromatic tuner. You can tune it to whatever you so desire. If it has a frequency it will give it a note. I somehow have two of them but hey its backup. Now there called the GA-1 and there just as good if not better. Its a little daunting at first but you'll pick it up quick.
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