Hey guys, Im looking at getting a guitar volumne pedal and not sure whi8ch type to get. I have a GNX 4 Pedal Board that i use but when i play, I have my volume set up really loud, louder then the whole band, just incase we get loud during the night and i need a bit extra volume. I use the GNX 4 pedal to control my volume and when i try to switch to a Wah Wah effect, the volume is automatically at its highest level. So whaty i want is a seperate volume pedal to control the volume of the pedal board, that way i can use the Wah Wah effect with the actual pedal on the board itself. But I have a BC Rich Warlock with EMG active pickups in it and i have herd that you need a 25k active volume pedal for use with a guitar with active pickups. I also use an Ibanez with V7/V8 Passive pickups alot too, which sort of volume pedal would be best to use with both guitars? is there much real audible difference?
I can't say for certain but I doubt there is much of a difference, you could just get a seperate wah pedal and avoid the issue all together.
Yeah, I couldn't speak to the difference. I've got an Ernie Ball Jr. that does the job well, but I also don't do active pickups. If you're just looking at options, I like what I use well enough, and it works well space-wise on my pedalboard.
Thanks for the responses, I had the ernie ball Jr in mind so I think ill go with the passive 250K model because the guitar i use the most is the one with passive pickups, so I'll just see how it sounds on both guitars.