The rain in the beginning sets the mood nicely. Recording quality is superb. The bass is a little quiet, but it works well. The break in the middle is just lovely. Then that piano? Beautiful. This is amazing work, you've got a great talent for attention to detail.

Here's one of my latest. It's not as high quality as yours, but hopefully still enjoyable.
I'm loving it :-)
I don't hear this genre too often on U.G. forums.
This has a slight touch of a modern day re-envisioning of the music that the Narada record label used to put out.

As far as suggestions go, I can't really point out any weaknesses in the mix. Everything is well balanced. The timbres of the instruments fit the vibe very well.

You know I think this music could fit well for certain video games, at least from the 0:27-1:47 mark anyway. There's a piece of music that I really love that is on the Playstation One version of Command and Conquer Red Alert that has a similar vibe to this, not similar theme or melody, but similar vibe.
Could you go to my thread and leave a comment there:
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Thanks a lot for the replies.

Check out part 2 of this as well if ya enjoyed it, has a similar vibe.

I think I know the exact song you're talking about from Red Alert, matt. That soundtrack was done by Frank Klepacki and it's an amazing 90's synth soundtrack. Thanks again.
Cool song dude may I ask what u used to make the arpeggios/rhythmic thingy? Sounds rlly awesome.
hey man, i liked it! never listened to music like that before - i really liked the small piano break at 2.16 and the synthy flute part after that, and the part after that with the pads and the arpeggios reminded me of mass effect. i get a kind of it's raining somewhere on neptune vibe from that song which i really like
Thanks a lot for checking it out, I really appreciate the comments.

Gar Tint - I've been posting stuff like this since I joined like 6 years ago...I think it's alright. And it isn't whales ha, just a series of pads, synths, and various effects.
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Nice atmosphere. I could really hear this in a Japanese RPG. Very high quality sound too. The center part is awesome. Wow, that piano. The electronic arpeggio afterwards is really nice sounding too. Keep making stuff like this man.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1591294
Very nice! I'm a big fan of atmospheric music like this, and I would not even think about it if it was part of the Avatar soundtrack or something like that. Great production and beautiful tunage!
Love the artwork too! Did you use stock pictures+ photoshop for is there more to it?

And now to something completely different:
C4C https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1591045
Thanks a lot for checking it out. I especially appreciate the comments about it being a video game or film score, one day I'd really like the chance to do something like that.

The artwork was done by me on Photoshop. The moon, open water, and canoe guy were stock photo's I manipulated and touched up a bit. The abstract shapes, glow stuff, and stars were made from scratch in Photoshop.