I just want to clear a few things up that aren't on the FAQ, and I'd like to know everyones opinions.

Can you approve tabs of songs from an artist, if it is a song that they covered and there are already tabs from the original artist?
Secondly, is it OK to reject the tab bassed on the fact that the tab doesn't actually sound like the song (in my opinion)?
For the first question, certainly, for example rock/metal bands often cover classic rock songs being way different from the original. A cover will rarely be played the same way as the original song so the tabs will be different

As for the second question, if you think the song sounds way off or has many mistakes then sure reject - keep in mind sometimes things like Guitar pro mixing/soundbanks can sometimes sound off but still be correct. I have seen people give bad ratings commenting "it sounds nothing like the song" when in fact the tab is really accurate. A tab sounding bad is not a good reason to reject if the notes are correct, however on the contrary a good sounding tab can be very inaccurate giving reason to reject