not sure if this is the area to post i just joined and this in regards to original songs.

i have just started a small muck around band with a few friends and we have two songs far that we want to add solos, i am comfortable with all the scales i am just unsure on what to use where.

one song the solo is over d and e , i think these belong to different keys? so thats what i am a bit stumped about.

and the other solo area is over a g c d progression.

if someone could help me out that'd be much appreciated!

sorry for sounding like a rookie, i should've stayed in my guitar lessons, but i couldn't afford them on my allowance
One thing I'd recommend is getting a program like Guitar Pro 6, writing the part in that you want to solo over, loop it, then solo with it and see what you come up with. If that won't work, see if your friend will continuously play it for a little bit so you can solo to it and see what happens. Guitar Pro is nice because you can use it for looping and practice and you can write your solo in, tweak it to your liking and even come up with cool licks you may not have while playing yourself.
Do you have a vocal melody for those chord progressions? Because for starting out, you can get away with just playing the vocal melody on guitar for a lot of genres. Of course, once you have that, it'll be easier to pick out which notes will fit, and you can move it up or down an octave and all that. And it also depends on the genre, but some great solos go for the simplistic approach of just playing a few amount of notes and making it catchy. Also, what hollowdrift said, guitar pro is very useful, or the free version, tuxguitar.