Okay, to start of, I just want to ask if anyone else gets this....

Unfortunately, I'm terribly shy to sing in front of people. So the way the fix that, is by performing, right? And so I did.

Didn't sing like I usually do when I'm alone (but that was expected) and I sang...really soft and quiet.. I didn't have the diaphragm support like I normally would when I practice. All in all, it didn't go well but it wasn't that bad either.

So, after I was done, I went back home, and noticed that my throat felt 'different' when I talked.
It's like I'm talking from another place in my throat that I don't normally do and I know when I do, it just sounds like I'm talking low and soft... and it annoys me
because I get it every time I lose confidence.

Is this normal?
This usually lasts a few days for me but I don't understand why it happens like that... It's like I have to put effort when I want to speak resonantly