Hello there fellows.

Well im really open minded nowadays for new toys, got ltd mh417 few months ago and thought of another guitar since i have only 3 and i do play all of them. However i would love to get another 7 string.

Ive noticed Ltd sc 607 b for really good price in local shop in Poland. It cost...just 1000$ fresh from factory ! I do not known if i should trust music shop which has it since most of these models cost 1400$ or something. I fear that it might be used one.

Another thing is that neck is 4 cm longer, yet i had no problem switching to a 7 from 6 or playing classical guitar, is it really hard to get used to it or play 27" ?
The guitar might be second hand or it might be what's known as a 'factory second', where it gets a big discount because it got slightly damaged while being made or transported, even though technically it is a new guitar.

As for getting used to the 27" scale, that really depends on your hands and your playing style. Some people find scale lengths shorter than 25.5" really hard to play on, while some other people only like playing on 24" scale. 27" is no different; some people love it, some hate it, some don't care either way.

Don't worry about it. Just try the guitar out. If it seems to be in decent condition and feels good in your hands, go for it. The SC-607B is a good, well-built guitar and one of the few signature guitars that really is worth buying. Whether it actually suits you or not is something you can only know by trying it.
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