Hey mate just gave your cover a listen.

First off, I think the vocal side of the performance was pretty much flawless.
As far as I noticed, you were pitch-perfect throughout the entire song and you certainly maintained a very good tone. In particular, I really loved your highs, and thought they were really the icing on what was a quite a good cake.
In all honesty, I would probably prefer your voice over Ed Sheeran's.

Instrumentally excellent as well. I'm assuming it's only a few basic chords that made up this song but very consistent playing nonetheless.

Overall I think your cover was excellent and I thoroughly enjoyed it (even from a non-Ed Sheeran fan). To score it I would probably give a 9/10.
If I was to fault anything, the only thing it lacked was a certain spice of creativity (to make it more unique from the original song) but a cover definitely doesn't need that to be awesome!

If you have the time could you please crit mine?

Thank you!
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