@djmarceca I was recording from the mixer out to a multitrack app on the iphone and it crapped out at the end.

What do you suggest I focus on for the vocals? I know I missed some notes its hard to sing and play that one at the same time.
^^ a lot of flat singing. practicing singing it without playing will probably help you out with that
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that song is hard to sing good, he's an amazing singer, not many can pull it off. You get pretty close on some bits though!
We're not trying to be Simon Cowl, But you when you ask for feedback,
I'm assuming you meant feedback on how the whole band sounds, not just one aspect.

Because when you shop these vidoes around (I'm assuming) for paying gigs, The person booking is going to watch the video and they won't think, Good playing, I can live with it,
They're going to listen untill the first screw-up, Be it vocal, guitar or drums, (no one notices bass LOL)

As soon as they hear the first screw-up, You're done.
Audition Over.

It's happened to all of us who attempt to get bookings.
decent cover i didnt think the vocals were too bad dude im impressed by singing and playing simultaneously. looks like you guys had fun. but try practicing without the guitar and when you think you have it really good, then bring the guitar back in the equation and try them both at the same time again to get better. again couldve been much worse. i didnt like the liberties the drummer took before the solo haha but good job on the solo too i think you undersold yourselfa bit

crit my cover of lamb of gods 11th hour if you would be so kind?

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