This is pretty awesome. Definitely sounds like some old school Sabbath, the intro guitar lead sounds great, and the overall quality sounds vintage; I like the feel of it. The singer sounds a bit like a less-shrieky Layne Staley of Alice in Chains. The tempo pickup at 3:00 is awesome as well, really enjoyed the solo. Good work.

Mind checking out mine?

Thx alot calnix (I'm the guy who mixed it :P)
I've left a reply on your song awesome work btw
Generally classic style rock isn't in my frequent or favorite listening but I actually really enjoyed this, the vocals are spot on for the style along with some decent work on the guitars (the bass driven sections were sweet) at times I felt like I was listening to a male fronted "The Dead Weather" which was great!
If you have time to check out one of my new ones that would be amazing - https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1589470
Haha, you guessed right about Frusciante, he's one of my biggest influences!

As for your song, you definitely nailed the Sabbath vibes. It was really enjoyable, the vocals fit very well. Killer riffs too! If someone told me it was one of Sabbath's songs off their next album, I'd believe it!
hey guys, thanks a lot for the replies! calnix, the bit about layne staley - he is one of my all time favourite singers, so that's a huge compliment!
This song does sound like Black Sabbath, a bit too much if you ask me though. Like if you told me that was one of their demos or some crap it'd be pretty believable. There is nothing wrong with taking things from your influences but I think you need to be a bit more original and develop your own sound.
There is nothing really wrong with the song besides the fact that that its just too generic and lacks an original sound, but hey if that's what you want you got it nailed with that Sabbath sound.
Quote by Joshua1207
Like if you told me that was one of their demos or some crap it'd be pretty believable.

haha thanks man that's a great compliment, the point of the song was to make it as sabbath as possible though, there'll probably come a time for branching out but as of now we enjoy writing in the sabbath vibe