Second year student at JMC. Hold a diploma.
Looking to record any band.

Message me if your in any band.
This isn't really related... But what's it like at JMC? Was seriously considering going to there for a while, but one of the lecturers there actually told me it's a terrible place, and that it's pointless to have a private tuition, as in the end you're just spending a massive amount of money for a piece of paper :\

But besides his negativity, I take it you're doing the sound design course? Any good/diversity?
Wow really Who did you speak with?

I think its good. The teachers are pretty good and the classes for the first trimester are all theory based pretty much. I've learnt heaps with the curriculum and by just thinking about sound an asking questions.

JMC has performing arts course too so you can really easily hook up with other musos to practice recording (once you get into trimester 3).

I really like it there, i get excited learning about audio and find JMC to be heaps chill and cool.

I'd agree that getting a defree isnt the greatet way to getbinto audio but you do learn alot! And having a knowledge is something you need.
But arsky plz pm me the lecturer who said that (im not gunna dob them in, just so i can avoid him/her).

Sorry for apelling mistakes im on my iphone. Also feel free to ask anything about jmc i didnt write about..
I actually do not even remember who I spoke with sorry haha. It was aaaages ago! probably about 2 years now actually.

Yeah I think it'd be good to go just to be able to meet other musos, as after playing for 6 years, I still haven't met anyone with similar interests haha. It is heaps expensive to go there though hey?

How do the classes start, and what programs do you generally use?

I tried to get into QUT at Kelvin Grove for music and Popular music at gold coast griffith but didn't get accepted for either :\ was still half considering JMC... I can kind of afford it now. Just wanted to know if they teach you heaps, and actually give you time... and if the students there are actually friendly?
And by how do the classes start, I mean like, are they difficult to begin with? Do you need to have a fair bit of experience behind you?
I do the audio course.
I use to do bedrooms recordings with a friend with a dynamic mic and a boss multitrack recorder. And had heaps of experience using DAWs of every variety and didn't have a problemlearning.

The first trimester involved learning the basics of Pro Tools.. Listening to music.. learning basic acoustics.. Learnign heaps basic music theory.. Learning about hardware gear and how they work together.

Trimester 2 is funner.
Get into the studio and start recording stuff and putting the theoretic knowledge into practice. Electronics - heaps good, learn about mics, transformers etcccc. Electronic music sequencing and MIDI > most people found it incredibly hard ( i didn't, heaps of history using reason and other midi shit). And a live sound unit...

I'm doing trimester 3 now. its sick.

Most of the units interlock withe each other..
There's obviously some less exciting lectures... But i will say the lecturers/teachers/facilities/admin are all heaps cool and keep it fresh!

I'd recomend it.