Hello !
I'm now planning on buying my next guitar.

I own an Ibanez AK95 and a local guitar brand called Supreme (sold by the nation-wide instrument retailer in Sweden)

The AK95, as you probably know, is a full-body semi-acoustic guitar, thick, and nice sounding but kind of "boring" sometimes.
The Supreme is basically a 200$ **** guitar with a strat body.


I've been searching around and I just can't decide what my next guitar will be.
The local store DOES NOT have a lot of models for me to try so I always buy online.

I'm not stuck between choosing the Fender Classic Player '50s or an Epiphone in the same price range.

I can't buy used. The used market here in Sweden for guitars is extremly small. It's either very expensive retro models or cheap beginner guitars.



I have max €800 (I rather buy a cheaper one, I don't see the point in spending €1000 on a guitar, the chromatic harmonica from Suzuki I own is a much finer engineered instrument and probably more expensive to produce but still guitars sell for that much more, I just can't understand it.

New or Used?

Can choose from:
Guitars on the european internet retailer (you know which one)

I play/listen to:
Everything really. McCartney, BB King, Buddy Guy, George Benson, Muddy Waters, Harrison, some Nirvana, some rockabilly.
I do it all. BUT if I had to rank them I'd rank them like this:
1. Blues/jazz (I'm not good enough for advanced jazz songs or advanced blues songs so probably more blues then jazz right now)
2.Rock/pop i.e. McCartney
3.Heavy rock like godsmack or stuff like that. Not any more "heavy" than that. It just ruins my ears.

Models I'm interested in this far (feel free to add your opinion):
Fender Stratocaster
Gibson/Epiphone ES-355
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