I've spent a while (almost 2 years) being completely disheartened by music, and not really writing anything, due to uni work and just not being in a creative frame of mind, and now I have the opportunity to work with an inventive and inspiring drummer and a really solid bassist, and form a new band, taking influence from Biffy Clyro, Foals, Admiral Fallow, Frightened Rabbit and The Shins.

However, I've completely lost any skill of songwriting that I had. I'm loving music more than I have done for a while, learned an absolute tonne of theory, gained experience playing new instruments (I picked up tuba and flute) and now I have what seems like an awesome band ahead of me, but no skill to back it up, and no creativity.

I used to be the sole songwriter for every band I have been in, but after some messy band breakups, where all my material was stolen and not credited (my own fault), I've been extra cautious about showing anyone my songs, and creativity has just vanished.

I've even been drawing and producing art, but nothing creative musically seems to come, no matter if I push for or just wait for it to come. I just have no idea what to do, because I'm not a bad guitarist, if I can be so arrogant to say that. I can play pretty much anything I set my mind to, but can't create music, in the styles I love, and its both frustrating and upsetting.

Any help would be massively appreciated,

Start by forcing yourself to write absolute bullshit until you get your bearings again, and take it from there. Sit down and say "I will not stand up until I write however many verses and a chorus", and do it.

Even if it's absolute tripe, even if you hate it, do it. Keep doing it. Do it until you get sick of it and keep going. Once you're sick of writing songs that you hate, it'll be easier to get back into writing what you want to write. It's about activation and getting yourself going. Once you get momentum, you'll be way better off.
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Seriously, if you're getting your creativity out in drawing or other art forms, I don't see any reason to beat yourself up because you "should be" writing songs. If it's not enjoyable, do something that is. Sometimes, playing covers does me more good than writing songs. Live a life of enjoyment, not self-punishment... Well, so says I, anyway.