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I gotta say the closing solo to November Rain is the best of the song, unbelievable display of soul and technical ability.
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hello friends,Rocks was loose and frenzied, and I could relate to the emotional angst-filled vocals of "Last Child" and "Combination." It wasn't pristine and perfect, but it gelled together perfectly. It's an amazing record

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I'm a huge GN'R fan from way back and my love of Slash’s guitar work over the years inspired me to create a rock'n'roll fairy tale comic book called Guitar Phantasy. It’s out now from Moonrise Comics.

Check out the art and links below.

The quick pitch is: Boy meets guitar. Boy fights demons. It's Scott Pilgrim meets Lord of the Rings. On a broader level, it's about the power of music, but also about the untapped power inside all of us.

The book is available digitally as a PDF for 99-cents at ( or as a hard copy from Indy Planet ( for $3.50. At both sites, people can read a preview of the book.

You can find out more at the Moonrise Comics site:

Thanks! And if you think it's cool, please share it with others.
I like Slash too, he's the reason i play but what's the point of this thread?
"Music Without Emotion Is Like Food Without Flavour"
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Slash's solo album was great, but I hated the vocals and lyrics. If that album was instrumental, it could possibly be one of my favourites. But the vocals kind of ruins it for me. [Which is probably why Watch This is the only song from that album that I listen to regularly]
How do people think Myles Kennedy sonds good?!!?! He sounds like a cat being run over, all of the music on slash's solo albums is good BUT as soon as Myles starts singing I just want it to be over.
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