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That's resonating with me.

I'm hitting a wall because I'm SERIOUSLY loathed to study theory, and as such I really can't quite understand a lot of the jargon I need so that I can progress.

Take this thread for example.. my head just can't cope with all the terminology in it so a lot of it is lost on me. Although I know it's not that complicated I've developed a bad attitude to the theory so when my ears fail me I have nothing to fall back on to progress.

So yeah, in other simpler words.. what you said.

Its ok to loathe going into theory. Terminology, on the other hand, is not theory. It is just a general term to knowing where you are or what's happenning at a certain point. Much like theory but a different set of dots to follow.

A friend of mine is in exactly the same boat you are and found out first hand that something isn't theory... its just a term. I can't tell if he felt like an idiot as it was over the phone, but he promptly learned the word and understood it. If you change your outlook, a lot of the things that seemed to hold you back could be understood as it is mostly simple terms, logical in the end.

Perhaps take some time and learn some of the things. It won't kill you or give you a terminal disease. If you follow transcriptions in guitar magazines, then read the write up they have about the song. If need be, flip back and forth between pages to the corresponding terms or sections described... its a simple process to increasing your knowledge.

Your ear is the most important in music. Adding to that with an understanding of terms, at the very least, will boost your knowledge a little more.

Theory does not have to be learned in one day either. Good luck to anyone who ever attempted that. One day at a time. Let me put it this way... in 5 years time, where would you be if you learned theory or chose not to learn theory? In exactly the same place, one with a little more knowledge and one without.

Good luck with whichever path you choose
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