I'm starting a band and I'm trying to write songs, but I can't find any insperation. I've got the musical part down I just need help writing lyrics, can anyone give me a hand?
Keep a pen and paper always with you or the notepad or memo app on your phone. Watch people, observe. A great line or thought may come to you at anytime. I wrote a great poem once watching this old man coming out of the Drs office, but it all started with ONE LINE of something I observed. I played with the words, then added more and more. Voila. You are lucky from my perspective, I play guitar but I dont have the ear (yet) to put chords and notes to what I've written. I can write for days, but putting music to it, forget about it. But inspiration can be hard. The best lines come from things you feel the most. Sometimes a line from a tv show, movie or song I'll find cool or will inspire me. I put a different perspective on it, or play with the words (change them a bit as not to steal them) and then I'm off with a new idea to work with.If I can say anything, get interested in words. How they sound and what their true meanings are and also how you can play with them to mean what you want. Read some poetry to get an idea of this, but always be on the lookout. My guitar teacher has the same problem as you. he can write a bit to a song, but then flames out, but he's excellent in adding music and making the lyrics sound how I want the song to be. Together we help each other out. I wish you luck, Brother. All the best. I hope it at least gives you some ideas.
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Practice writing about basic things like the food in your fridge, or your yard. After a while you will be able to put ur emotions into words, and when the inspiration comes youll have a hit