Bought this from Coda- haggled 300 off it, and it was second hand. In fact it cost less than an Amercian Standard !!

It's a team built Fender Custom Shop Tele relic- 1962 Custom Reissue.

Lovely weight, soft C neck and exactly as a tele should be. Lollar pups already installed....

It has a lot more bite on the bridge than my old Jap 62 and the Lollar neck pup is very powerful.

It's a very versatile tele- I have found a lot to be monotone. And, because it's light I guess, it has that lovely shimmery sound that you get from good Fenders.

very pleased!
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Any more pictures?

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No- left it at the shop as I want a few tweaks to the action and intonation. I like a medium action on vint radius, and this was a tad low.

It'll arrive Thurs. I'll do a load more then.
Ooooooooohhhhhh... this is one of the few times that I've thought a relic'd look was classy. Well done!

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Very sweet.
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I am not a fan of relic-ed guitars.

However, I am a huge fan of Teles with humbuckers in the bridge and for some reason this one just looks hot.

I envy you. Congratulations.
Play that baby for all it's worth!
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Is that the actual one or is it a stock picture?

Either way, you've got yourself a pretty awesome guitar. Congratulations!
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