Yo wassup?

So I've been playing for about a year and I know I've gotten significantly better since my start.

I was recording some solo'ing yesterday at my friends house (first time i recorded off a mic) and he was like you know what you're doing, just keep practicing and make it sound crisp (or some shit like that)
I then realized while listening that I'm not as clean as I want to sound.

I went home and I was like okay... metronome and slow precise practice/playing.

What are your suggestions for playing cleaner?
to play cleanly you NEED to learn how to mute properly basically muting everything that you dont ant to ring out this is especially true if youre playing fast or with alot of gain

also being accurate with the pick helps to cut out unwanted string noise like clickling from hitting muted strings
Supersac is right, muting is the key to playing cleanly. Bear in mind that any strings below your current string should be muted with your RH palm, and anything above should be muted with your LH first finger. Obviously this is for a right handed player, reverse for a leftie! And my up-down directions refer to pitch, not physical position.

Hope that makes sense!
Everything above. Plus avoid practicing 'acoustically'. A slight string catch is hardly noticeable when you're not plugged in, but on a high volume/gain situation it can sound terrible. =]
Yeah always practice precision while plugged in like AndyGray said thats great advice there and what everyone mentioned as well.

What I did to learn solo's especially was turn down the gain on my amp (which being 13 was always on 10 ) and slowly play the solo until i got it right. Then when that was accomplished attempt to play up to speed until clean. I still do this today minus turning down the gain which is at 12 O'clock or 11 nowadays .

You have allready a good plan and before you know it you'll be shredding like a king. Have fun man keep it up!
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This is how you clean up your playing - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kIEnzboW0Hc


Hey man, I just saw your speed building vid today too .
But this with the demonstration really helped, thankyou!

And thanks for everyone's comments, I'll be applying all of them to my playing!
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Glad it helped!

Dude, your vids ALWAYS help.
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