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Recently i has been asked to play in a band who are going to play gigs next month, so i needed to learn Highway to hell.

I learnt it pretty fast, but i'm never satisfied with the sound of the intro riff.

The E string sounds too strong for my opinion it doesnt sound not even close to the original recording neither to any cover i've heard, i tried to play via amp simulators and me real amp(Peavey bandit 112), and it sounds the same.
It must be anything with my playing.

I've upload a record of the intro on my profile.

Thanks !
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I dunno man. I think you nailed it
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It sounds right to me. I think that the differences you are hearing might just be minor eq differences. But, it sounds good either way.
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Thanks everybody for writing back that fast!

It may be what TJHague said, going to play a bit with the EQ to see what i can get :P