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I am searching for musicians to start up a Black Metal Project in the vein of old Darkthrone, Taake, Ulver, Satyricon, Satanic Warmaster, MoonBlood, Katharsis, Nokturnal Mortum, Horna, Vlad Tepes etc. ...it can also have Thrash/Death and/or Melodic/Symphonic influences - I don't really bother as long as it fits and as long as it stays away from all that PostBM crap and everything that adds a -core to a good genre...

I play guitar and base and have the oportunity to properly record the guitar/base/drum tracks - analog! ...no computer-'recorded in my bedroom'-shit...(I know some drummers - so that position is not necessarily needed except you can record your track on your own)

I am from Austria so I don't really expect to find someone from my country here therefore all that would stay a kind of 'online/studio project'...

The music shall be raw and dirty as **** (in terms of underproduction, not crappy playing) to hopefully catch some of that evil atmosphere it is all about - and I want it to stay on the 'demo-/rehearsal'-level...

So I'm looking for people who play guitar, base, keyboards, maybe drums and a vocalist (!) ...who have some interesting compositional/conceptual ideas...
(I can record everything except the vocals and keyboards - so you should be able to do that) ...maybe also someone who has experience with arranging/mixing/mastering/programming - otherwise I will do all that...I got the programs and equipment ready...

If you are seriously interested and don't like Bullet for my Valentine, Marilyn Manson or Cradle of Shit (haters gonna hate!) send me a mail listing some of the bands you like, what instrument(s) you play, what experiences you have, age, name, origin blahblah...

If you do like one of the above mentioned bands, please also send me a mail telling me about your feelings and your individualism...

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Sounds cool, I've always been interested in having a BM project, and it's nice to find someone who's also into the "original" Norweigan BM, and not the nowaday post stuff. It used to be my absolute favourite genre, and still remains as one of my favourite.

As I always answer to these threads;

I can play guitar, bass, program drums, keys, etc, and record all of those. My recording skills aren't the absolute best because I'm more of an electronic producer, but considering the genre it shouldn't matter.

Not sure what else to say really. PM me or answer here.

PS. I just read the last bit of your post and I'm not really an anti-music person or into individualism stuff. This doesn't mean I like BFMV or anything, but people are allowed to listen to whatever they want and think however they want, and most music has some value and a lot of effort put into it no matter what, and you should respect that.

Don't get me wrong, I'm extremely critical of music and people, but I have pretty radical music tastes, so don't expect me to agree with hating on artists. I learned to stop listening to 1 subgenre some time ago.

I hope you're still interested, I don't mean to go against you or start off wrong, I'm just saying.