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Creating a online project that will go wherever it leads. Players of all skill levels desired, but when it comes to the wire, the people with the best skills/music will get their parts put into the song.

Ill try and get us some publicity and money by selling songs that don't have lyrics to game developers.

Even though this is serious its just to give musicians experience so they can go on to the next level of gigging easier. And maybe make a few friends on the way
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Quote by a2sas2in
Okay, what instruments do u guys play?

in order of most adept to least


everthing under ocarina...i wouldnt feel comfortable recording with ti myself
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Okay, well im working on a good first piece for us. Ill pass it to you if you want to tinker with it. (Did a quick 5 minute recording session with garage band on my phone). Add me as a friend
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I can do guitar or bass, would prefer bass if you need it still. Much better at bass than at guitar.
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I'd be interested. I'm a producer, so making most instruments/sounds/effects shouldn't be an issue, and I also play guitar and bass.

I'm very open minded and into a lot of music, so this sounds like my kind of thing.